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Catfights Galore - Singers VS Actresses

Who makes the best fighters?
A Dirrty fight
Christina Aguilera
Jessica Alba
Oil Wrestling
Pamela Anderson
Jennifer Lopez
A fight in the hay...
Kylie Minogue
Kirsten Dunst
Softcore mudwrestling
Halle Berry
Hardcore catfight
Jennifer Garner
Gwen Stefani
hotpants catfight
Mariah Carey
Mira Sorvino
Black Latex Catsuit Catfight
Shania Twain
Lucy Liu
Truck stop jeans-fight
Charlize Theron
Faith Hill
Fist fight
Drew Barrymore
Bearhug submission challenge
Mandy Moore
Alyssa Milano
Lingerie match on king size bed
Britney Spears
Denise Richards
Bikini Oil Wrestling
Salma Hayek
Toni Braxton
Hardcore Pro Wrestling Match
Angelina Jolie
Good clean Catfight
Kate Hudson
Whipped Cream Catfight
Beyoncé Knowles
Reese Witherspoon
Just Great Wrestling
Jaime Pressly
6 Girl Tag Team Fight
Eliza Dushku, Jennifer Love Hewitt & Mena Suvari
More Tag Teaming
Salt N' Pepper
Robin Givens & Jada Pinkett Smith
Battle of the Blondes
Leann Rimes
Christina Applegate
Black Latex Catsuit Tag Teams
Celine Dion & Cher
Carrie-Ann Moss & Elizabeth Hurley
Leather & Lace Catfight
Willa Ford
Dina Meyer
Hot Oil Skin-Bikini Catfight
Kelly Rowlands
Cameron Diaz
Shoreline bikinifight
Geri Halliwell
Gina Gershon
Hardcore Submission Oilwrestling
Mel B
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
Special Handicap Match - 2 on 1
Demi Moore
Pro Wrestling Submission fight
Gabrielle Union
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