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WWE Divas vs. Celebs Tournament - 1

Can Hollywood babes match skill and power with the women of the WWE?
Match One - Trish Stratus vs. Tiffani Thiessen - no holds barred
Tiffani wins
Trish wins
Match Two - Britney Spears vs. Lita
Britney wins
Lita wins
Match Three - Gena Lee Nolin vs. Victoria (steel cage)
Gena wins
Victoria wins
Match Four - Sable vs. Pamela Anderson -submission match
Pamela wins
Sable wins
Match Five - Carmen Electra vs. Dawn Marie - hardcore match
Carmen wins
Dawn wins
Match Six - Brooke Burns vs. Jackie Gayda - ladder match
Brooke wins
Jackie wins
Match Seven - Anna Kournikova vs. Stacy Keibler - Iron Woman Match (most pins or submissions in one hour)
Anna wins
Stacy wins
Match 8 - Denise Richards vs. Torrie Wilson - last woman standing match
Denise wins
Torrie wins
Which of the Hollywood celebs would you most like to wrestle
Anna Kournikova
Britney Spears
Brooke Burns
Carmen Electra
Denise Richards
Gena Lee Nolin
Pamela Anderson
Tiffani Thiessen
Ali Landry
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Lopez
Sharon Stone
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Yasmine Bleeth
Alyssa Milano
Jessica Simpson
Which of the WWE girls would you most like to wrestle
Dawn Marie
Jackie Gayda
Stacy Keibler
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus
Gail Kim
Stephanie McMahon
Terri Runnels
Match 9 - Jennifer Lopez vs. Shaniqua - paddle on a pole match
Jennifer wins
Shaniqua wins
Match 10 - Sharon Stone vs. Terri Runnels in a hardcore match
Sharon wins
Terri wins
Match 11 - Jessica Simpson vs. Jazz in a bikini contest - (Jess was smart enough to have match changed, it was originally Hell in a Cell)
Jessica wins
Jazz wins
Match 12 - Yasmine Bleeth vs. Jacqueline in a steel cage
Yasmine wins
Jacqueline wins
Match 13 - Jennifer Aniston vs. Stephanie McMahon - submission only
Jennifer wins
Stephanie wins
Match 14 - Ali Landry vs. Nidia in a lumberjack match
Ali wins
Nidia wins
Match 15 - Alyssa Milano vs. Ivory
Alyssa wins
Ivory wins
Match 16 - Gail Kim vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah wins
Gail wins
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