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Hey, these polls are all about boyfriends so if you have one or thinking of getting one, take these polls.
Do u have a boyfriend?
yes, i love him
yea, he's o.k
yea, but i'm about to dump him
no, and i don't want one
no, haven't found one yet
Does your bf look like Ginuwine?
yea, girl, they're twins
yea, kinda
no, he looks better
nah, but i like him just fine
Your type of guy is....
artistic and sweet
a guy with a hot bod
one who loves to camp
one who loves boats
one who looks like Ginuwine
How was your first kiss?
no sparks
girl, it was like fireworks
the best moment of my life
haven't had one yet
i don't remember
How many boyfriends have u had?
under 2
who counts?
This poll was created on 1999-08-02 21:16:24 by MPC4084048902