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Are Americans stupid - or does it just seem that way?

Citizens, corporations and the government of the United States of America have made many positive contributions to the World over many years but are probably more disliked and distrusted than ever before. Some of the recent statements and actions of the USA seem stupid to many in the World. This poll attempts to find out if there is a discrepancy between American and non-American perceptions of reality. The poll is in two parts. The first is for non Americans and the second part is for Americans.
Non-Americans, what are your main sources of information about the USA and its actions? Check all that apply.
Local newspapers and magazines (published in your country)
The internet
Personal experience - I have been to the USA
From close friends / relatives who have been to the USA
University or school studies
Speeches by local politicians and political leaders
Non-Americans, what is your attitude to US government? Check the button that most closely matches your attitude.
I have no significant concerns about what the USA government says and does in th
I have some concerns about what the USA government says and does in the world.
I have serious concerns about what the USA government says and does in the world
Non Americans, do you distinguish between the actions of the US government and major corporations on one hand, and ordinary Americans citizens on the other?
No, Americans are responsible for the actions of their democratically elected government.
Sometimes, depending on the circumstances.
Yes, American citizens have little control over their government and corporations
Non Americans, how well informed do you think Americans are about the rest of the World, and the actions of their own government and major corporations.
Well informed
Moderately well informed
Poorly informed
Largely ignorant
Americans, do you agree with the assertion that the USA is more disliked and more distrusted than ever before?
No, the USA has always been disliked and distrusted
No, the USA is only disliked or distrusted by a few.
Don't know
Yes, but the USA doesn't deserve its reputation
Yes, the rest of the World has cause for concern
Americans, how well informed are you and your fellow citizens about what is going on in the World?
Very well informed
Moderately well informed
Our knowledge is patchy
Poorly informed
Largely ignorant
Americans, why are you so disliked and distrusted?
We aren't disliked and distrusted except by a very few.
Our critics are misinformed or don't understand us.
Our critics are jealous of our freedoms and wealth
Our critics are justified - the USA has done some bad things
Other / none of the above
This poll was created on 2003-09-27 09:24:10 by Brian Extra