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Is religon getting stronger in the last few months?

Generally, Religon has gotten Weaker and weaker with the passing of the decades However in the last few months I have had cases of people WALKING up to me telling me to get "Saved" And Saying that I could go to hell for playing "Dungeons and Dragon's" Personally I Apostated, to Tibetan Buddhism 2 year's ago, so I dont care about their beliefs.
in The Last Few (2-5) months Religous activity has:
Stayed the Same
Gotten stronger
Gotten weaker
I've had a spiritual experience and known christ.
IF You typed in "gotten Weaker" How do you feel.
Couldnt care less, I've got other things on my mind
It's great! No more door to door preachers
It's Terrible, Everyone's going to HELL!
If you typed in "gotten stronger" how do you feel?
People Are getting SAVED Halleijuah Praised be he.
Cant stand all the preaching, and door to door "psalm reading"
Couldnt Care less, As long as they dont bother me.
What Faith are you
This poll was created on 2003-10-26 17:50:25 by skirtchaser19