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Do boys need to track into the house just to pee?

Last summer my boys and their friends were constantly tracking through the house to the bathroom. When I was young the boys all went pee in the yard, is there anything wrong with that?
Who are you?
A teenage boy.
A dad.
A mom
BOYS ONLY: Where would you rather pee?
In the yard.
In a garage or basement drain.
Go into the bathroom.
BOYS ONLY: Are you shy about peeing in the yard.
No, I don't care who sees me.
I don't care about my mom and sisters, but don't want others to see me.
Don't care about others, but don't want mom and sisters to see me.
Yes, I don't want anyone to see me.
BOYS ONLY: Where around the house do you pee?
While showering.
Into a basement shower stall.
Over a cellar or garage floor drain.
In the yard, in open view.
In the yard, but out of view.
In the alley.
In the street.
PARENTS ONLY: Where would you prefer boys go to pee at home?
In the yard.
Over a garage or basement drain.
Come into the bathroom.
PARENTS ONLY: Do boys need to be concerned about privacy?
No, not around the house.
A little, they shouldn't go in view of neighbors.
Yeah, I'd rather they don't do it in front of me.
Yes, they shouldn't let anyone see them.
PARENTS ONLY: Where will you allow boys to pee around the house?
While showering.
Into a basement shower stall.
Over a basement or garage drain.
In the yard, wherever.
In the yard, out of view.
In the alley.
In the street.
PARENTS ONLY: If you had a family back yard pool, would you rather the boys...
Go pee in the pool.
Step out of the pool or pee out of the pool into the yard.
PARENTS ONLY: Would you be embarrassed or apologise if a neighbor or freind confronted you about your boys peeing outside?
No, I'd say "what's the problem".
Well, I'd apologise but say, "boys will be boys".
Yeah, I'd tell them, "I'll talk to the boys".
Yes, I'd tell the boys to be more discrete.
Yes, I'd tell the boys to stop going outdoors.
Do parents know where there boys pee?
BOYS: Yes, the folks have caught me and told me to stop.
BOYS: Yeah, the folks have seen where I pee and don't care.
BOYS: I think they know where I pee.
BOYS: I don't think they have any idea.
PARENTS: Yes, I've caught them and told them to stop.
PARENTS: Yeah, I've observed them peeing, but let them continue to do so.
PARENTS: I've seen evidence of the peeing around the house.
PARENTS: I don't believe my boys pee anywhere but in the bathroom.
Have you ever noticed a neighbors boy peeing in his yard?
BOYS: Yeah sure.
BOYS: Once or twice.
BOYS: Never.
PARENTS: Yeah sure.
PARENTS: Once or twice.
This poll was created on 2003-10-24 03:53:26 by beachmom