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Serious Religion

I've tried to compose the most complete, comprehensive poll on your religion and how it influences your life.
Do you consider yourself to be an adherent of any religion?ion?
Do you believe in God (one supreme being, whatever name)?
Do you believe that God concerns Himself with your behavior?
Don't believe in God.
Do you believe in an After-Life?
Yes, consisting of reward/punishment.
Yes, but not rewarding.
Yes, in my present personality.
Yes, in another personality.
Who was the founder of your religion?
Human with God-given knowledge.
Human with unusual natural wisdom.
Self-evident, without a founder.
What do you think will happen to the souls of people of other religions?
They will also be rewarded, according to their merit.
They will be eternally damned.
They will be given an opportunity to redeem themselves.
I don't believe in an afterlife.
In this life, people of other religions than mine...
Cannot be moral people.
Can be as good as anyone else.
Need to be taught my religion in order to have morality.
What was your religious belief when you were 10 years old?
Same as now.
Similar to now, within same basic belief system.
Radically different than now.
What religion are the other people in your community?
Almost all the same as mine.
Mostly the same as mine.
Mostly different from mine.
Almost all different from mine.
How often do you attend services in a place of worship, such as a church?
More than once a day.
Almost every day.
More than once a week.
Almost every week.
On special occasions.
Describe how you pray.
Aloud, in a group.
Aloud, alone.
Silently, in a group.
Silently, alone.
Verbally only.
With gestures or postures.
Whenever felt necessary.
Mainly at specified times.
What do you pray for?
Personal gain in this world.
Salvation in another world.
Help for others in this world.
Salvation of others in another world.
Wisdom/guidance in your life.
Let God know you are praying.
Routine things that you regularly pray for.
Particular things of the moment.
Protection from dangers.
Do you believe that God gives special favor to...
People of your religion.
People of your country or race or culture.
How do you talk to other people about religion?
Try to convert them to your religion.
Ridicule their error.
Pray for them anyway.
Tell them they cannot be saved.
Explain your religion rationally.
Listen to their rational explanation of their religion.
Invite them to participate in your religions observances.
Offer to accompany them to their place of worship.
Tell them that you are not interested in what they believe.
How well do you know your own religion?
In-depth study of its scriptures and history.
Fairly knowledgeable about the history and meaning of the relition.
Know the fundamental differences that make your religion unique or relevant.
Only what you need to know to make it through the service.
That your religion is the only true religion, and nothing else need be known.
If you found yourself in a place where the practice of your religion was illegal, and you could be punished, would you....
Be a martyr for your religion.
Work underground to try to save your faith.
Quietly observe your religion in private.
Pretend to be an adherent of the official church.
Just let it go.
This poll was created on 2003-11-15 19:03:50 by jtur88