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Do you feel safer since the war started?

The war in Iraq was supposed to be fought to increase our safety (among other reasons, most of which have not been validated.) So - do you feel safer?
Do you feel safer now that Hussein is no longer in power?
Yes, I feel very safe now
Yes, I feel safer, but there's still danger
No, I don't feel any safer than before the war
No, I feel less safe than before the war
$87 billion is going to Iraq. Should some of that have gone towards finding Ossama Bin Laden instead?
Yes, some of the $87 billion should have been used to track down Ossama
No, all of it is needed in Iraq
Should more money be spent on Homeland Security instead of being spent on Iraq?
Yes, more security is needed at home instead of being spent on Iraq
No, we are doing enough with Homeland Security already.
No, we should take money from other sources and spend it on Homeland Security
Do you feel the French should still be boycotted for not supporting the Bush war plan?
Yes, the French should have supported Bush's war plan out of respect for our country.
No, they've been boycotted enough.
No, they never should have been boycotted in the first place.
This poll was created on 2003-11-28 20:04:51 by realex