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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

9/7/2005 - Updated. Deleted the Fake Kaiba question, because I saw the Japanese summary. Also added some GX questions.
Which character is your favorite?
Yugi Moto
Yami Yugi
Joey Wheeler
Tristan Taylor
Téa Gardner
Mai Valentine
Serenity Wheeler
Duke Devlin
Seto Kaiba
Mokuba Kaiba
Ishizu Ishtar
Marik Ishtar
Yami Bakura
Maximillion Pegasus
Yami Marik
Noah Kaiba
Rebecca Hawkins
Rex Raptor
Weevil Underwood
Mako Tsunami
Which duel holographic technology seems the coolest?
Shadow Realm
Duel Platform (Duelist Kingom Tournament)
Duel Disk (Used by Kaiba in Duelist Kingdom)
Duel Disk (Battle City Tournament)
Dartz's Duel Disk
Duel Academy Disk (GX only)
Other type of Duel Disk
Which non-modified monsters to you like?
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Dark Magician
Flame Swordsman
Exodia the Forbidden One
Orgoth the Relentless
Harpie Lady/Cyber Harpie
Dark Magician Girl
Dark Necrofear
Summoned Skull
Curse of Dragon
Celtic Guardian
Gaia the Fierce Knight
Dark Rabbit
Black Luster Soldier (Black Luster Ritual)
Magician of Black Chaos (Dark Magic Ritual)
Masked Beast Des Guardius
What is your favorite modified monster?
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (3 Blue Eyes White Dragons)
Black Skull Dragon (Red-Eyes Black Dragon + Summoned Skull)
Gaia the Dragon Champion (Gaia the Fierce Knight + Curse of Dragon)
Valkyrion the Magna Warrior (Alpha + Beta + Gamma the magnet warriors)
Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon (Red Eyes Black Dragon + Metal Morph)
Dark Sage (Dark Magician after aging)
Thousand Dragon (Baby Dragon after aging)
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
Toon Summoned Skull
Dark Flare Knight and Mirage Knight (Dark Magician + Flame Swordsman)
Dark Paladin (Dark Magician + Buster Blader)
Alligator's Sword Dragon (Alligator's Sword + Baby Dragon)
Metal Zoa (Zoa + Metal Morph)
Perfect Machine King (Machine King + Robotic Knight)
St. Joan (Marie the Fallen One + The Forgiving Maiden)
Gate Guardian (Sanga of the Thunder + Kazejin + Suijin)
Thousand Eye Restrict (Relinquished + Thousand Eyes Idol)
Toon Dark Magician Girl
Toon Masked Sorcerer
XYZ-Dragon Cannon (X-Head Cannon + Y-Dragon Head + Z-Metal Tank)
If Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Blue-Eyes White Dragon have been fused, then what would it be called?
Ultimate Hybrid Dragon
Red-Eyes Stripe Dragon
Blue-Eyes Stripe Dragon
Blue-Eyes Black Dragon
Red-Eyes White Dragon
Purple-Eyes Silver Dragon
What is your overall opinion of Seto Kaiba?
He rocks! He is the #1 duelist!
He's good at dueling, but he has lousy people skills.
He's okay.
That jerk! I hate him so much!
Do you think Seto could use some friends, other than Mokuba?
Yes, he wouldn't be so cold then.
Yes, he obviously needs friends to hang around with.
No, I like him as he is.
No, because all he needs is family.
If Pegasus succeeded in his mission to bring back his girlfriend, do you think he would release the souls of the Kaiba Brothers and Yugi's grandpa?
Which Egyptian God Card is the coolest?
Obelisk the Tormentor
Slifer the Sky Dragon
Winged Dragon of Ra
Who seems eviler?
Yami Bakura
Yami Marik
Who do you prefer?
Yami Bakura
Yami Marik
Which outfits do you like?
Boys' school uniform
Kaiba's school uniform
Yami Yugi Duelist Kingdom
Yami Yugi Battle City (wears jacket like a cape)
Joey Wheeler green jacket
Joey Wheeler blue jacket (not uniform)
Joey Wheeler T-shirt
Seto Kaiba blue trenchcoat
Seto Kaiba Battle City trenchcoat
Bakura Duelist Kingdom
Bakura Battle City
Duke Devlin's overall attire
Marik Battle City Finals outfit
Yami Marik's outfit
Mai Duelist Kingdom
Mai Battle City
Odion's robe
Téa Duelist Kingdom
Téa Battle City (1st)
Téa Battle City (2nd)
Tristan Duelist Kingdom
Tristan Battle City (1st)
Tristan Battle City (2nd)
Which fusions would you like to see?
Black Meteor Dragon (Red-Eyes Black Dragon + Meteor Dragon)
Blue-Eyes White Metal Dragon (Blue-Eyes White Dragon + Metal Morph)(Fiction)
Red-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (3 Red Eyes Black Dragons)(Fiction)
Red-Eyes Black Dragon + Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Fiction)
Labyrinth Tank (Giga-Tech Wolf + Cannon Soldier)
Flame Swordsman (Flame Manipulator + Masaki the Legendary Swordsman)
Empress Judge (Queen's Double + Hibikime)
Warrior of Tradition (Sonic Maid + Beautiful Headhuntress)
Metal Dragon (Lesser Dragon + Steel Ogre Grotto #1)
Giltia the D. Knight (Guardian of the Labyrinth + Protector of the Throne)
Machine Master (Jinzo + Machine King)(Fiction)
Sorceress of the Galaxy (Dark Magician Girl + Cosmo Queen)(Fiction)
Red-Eyes Toon Dragon (Red-Eyes Black Dragon + Toon World)(Fiction)
Toon Dark Magician (Dark Magician + Toon World)
Favorite Ritual Monster?
Black Luster Soldier (Black Luster Ritual)
Magician of Black Chaos (Dark Chaos Ritual)
Masked Beast (Cures of the Masked Beast)
Shinato, King of a Higher Plane (Shinato's Ark)
Five-Headed Dragon (Dragon Revival)
In their Battle City duel (after Yami Marik is gone), who do you think wins the duel?
Neither, it was a draw, you fool!
Which Legendary Dragon card is your favorite?
Timaeus (Yugi)
Critias (Kaiba)
Hermos (Joey)
If you've watched GX, who's your favorite character?
Yuki Judai
Tenjoin Asuka
Manjoume Jun
Misawa Daichi
Marufuji Ryo
Marufuji Sho
Maeda Hayato
Chronos de Mediz
Daikotuji Teacher
I don't know. I'll watch when 4'Kids releases it.
It seems both Yugi and Kaiba are mentioned a lot in this. Do you think they should also include Joey/Jonouchi?
Yeah. That guy isn't recognized enough, even though he's almost as good as Yugi and Kaiba.
Nah. He isn't that great.
Who's Joey/Jonouchi?
Many people who've watched the subbed feel that 4'Kids will butcher the names of the GX characters. Do you agree with them?
Yeah. They completely screwed up the original series' characters.
Nah. I watched both and I'm good with it.
How would I know? I only watch the dubbed.
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