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Crying at the Movies.

Do you cry in the movies? ((Please suggest a few more tearjerkers for me to incude in the "did you cry" list.
So you cry while watching a movie?
Female--Yes, just about any good tear-jerker.
Female--Yes, but not very often.
Female--No, never.
Male----Yes, just about any good tear-jerker.
Male----Yes, but not veryoften.
Male----No, never.
Male--- I'd rather lie.
When you feel the tears welling up and you're not alone, what do you do.
Female---Let them go.
Female---Hold them back.
Female---Pretend I have a cold, or go get a snack.
Male-----Let them go.
Male-----Hold them back.
Male-----Pretend cold or snack.
I don't cry.
When you're watching at home on TV, and the tears start welling up, what do you do.
Totally break down and bawl my eyes out.
Try to restrain myself anyway.
I don't cry.
OK, your watching with a bf/gf, just the two of you, at home on TV.
I cry more than my BOY-friend does.
About the same as my bf.
Less than my bf.
I cry more than my GIRL-friend does.
About the same as my gf.
Less than my gf.
Neither of us cry--we're hard-ast.
Neither of us cry--we're both afraid to show it.
Watching with bf/gf, do you tease each other about crying in movies?
I tease her.
I tease HIM.
I admire her sensitivity when she cries.
I admire HIS sensitivity when he cries.
I beat him up.
I comfort her and get aroused.
He/she doesn't cry.
Does it embarrass you to be with a cryer at the cineplex?
He embarrasses me.
She embarrasses me.
When you cry at the cineplex......
Female---I wipe away the evidence before I go out into the lighted lobby.
Female---I go to the lobby and all us girls have a good laught about our swollen cheeks.
Male-----I wipe away the evidence.
Male-----I go out and let all the macho studs have a good laugh at me.
I don't cry.
Do you and your bf/gf cry at the same parts?
No, different parts usually.
Yes, same parts, mostly.
One/both don't cry.
Which of these movies made you cry? (Please leave a message nominating some other films for the list---these are the first I thought of).
Cinema Paradiso
My First Mister
The Unforgiven
Central Station
The Hotel New Hampshire
To Kill a Mockingbird
Muriel's Wedding
Galaxy Quest
Attention Shoppers
You Can Count On Me
Different for Girls
The Fox and the Hound
Did it make you sniffle just to read that list of movies?
I burst into tears.
Just a little.
This poll was created on 2003-12-08 20:36:56 by jtur88