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Non-believers only.

A poll to find out how non-believers go about their daily life.
Which of the three broad groups do you most closely identify? (If my definitions don't fit you perfectly, go with the closest idea.)
Atheist---fairly certain that there is no diety responsible for creation and morality.
Agnostic---has more or less given up on the theological questions as unanswerable.
Spiritualist---no creator, but a spirit level above that of simple conscious humanity.
How old were you when you first consciously began to question the orthodox faith you were brought up in?
Less than seven.
Over 22.
From birth, not expected to believe in God.
When you began to doubt God, did you have less-than-constructive discussions about it with your family?
Yes, it was...umm...hell.
Just a few raised eyebrows.
No, everyone was supportive.
Never revealed doubt.
What do you do now when, among family members, you are expected to show reverence and piety, like saying Grace at meals?
Never arises in my family.
Just try to be inconspicuous.
Ask to be excused from the exercise.
Pretend to be a believer for the moment.
Raise a fuss.
Insist on others doing things my way.
In general, how do your family members make you feel about religion?
They rub my face in it.
They avoid me.
They've disowned me.
They never bring it up.
They make tangential digs at me.
They have begun to accept the validity of my views.
They keep starting arguments about it, but are not all that unreasonable.
How strongly does your spouse/SE believe in God and orthodox religion?
Very devout.
Fairly devout.
Pretty casual.
Doesn't really practice religion, but believes in God.
Also a non-believer.
What about your Children's upbringing?
My Spouse/SE have the same view.
I will probably prevail, and it is big issue.
He/she will probably prevail, and it is a big issue.
It is not a big issue, but a few disagreements.
There are no children.
And the Hospital/medical questionnaire? What do you put down for "religion"?
The same religion as your family.
Some sarcastic remark.
Hasn't happened yet.
Which of the following have you done in the past year, with your pals?
Sat up all night and debated religion.
Had a conversation in which several people's points of view were aired and rebutted.
Had a conversation in which you tried to change someone else to your theological view.
Had a conversation in which someone logically tried to change yours.
Had a conversation in which you belittled someone for their Godly beliefs.
Had a conversation in which a believer belittled your lack of faith.
Had a potential social relationship go sour because another person could not accept your lack of fai
Had a business transaction go sour for that reason.
You want to rent a furnished apartment, but there's a big portrait of Jesus hanging above the bed. Do you....
Refuse to rent the place.
Insist on taking it down.
Explain to the landlord that it is not in conformity with your faith.
Ignore it.
What was the religion of your family, before you became a doubter?
Roman Catholic.
Other Christian sect.
Other than Judaeo-Christian.
Also unbelievers.
How strict was the religious observance of your parents?
Member of the clergy.
Pretty strict.
Kind of slack.
Believed in God, otherwise churchy in name only.
Religion played no part in my upbringing.
Were you ever actually punished for your blasphemy?
Didn't become a disbeliever until I was too old to punish.
Yes, often and/or severely.
No, not significantly.
Not at all.
Since you became an unbeliever, did you ever try to masquerade as a believer for personal gain?
Yes, often and regularly.
Yes, but not often.
Yes, but I just couldn't pull it off. I was found out.
Yes, but I felt too uncomfortable living the lie.
No, never.
Do you ever consider what might happen in eternity if you are wrong?
Yes, it weighs heavily on my guilty mind.
Yes, but it passes quickly.
Yes, but its' too irrational to take seriously.
No, if I'm wrong I'll still be judged on my overall morality, which is good enough.
No, I think I can talk my way out of it.
No, I'm absolutely committed.
This poll was created on 2003-12-07 21:19:29 by jtur88