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Religion: To Believe Or Not To Believe ?

Should we all follow one religion? Do you have a seperate religion all of your own? Take the poll!
Should we all follow one relegion ?
Yes, its a great idea.
Maybe, it ok i spose.
Maybe not, its not a good idea.
No, we are all different.
Do you follow a relegion ?
Yes Christianity.
Yes Satanisim.
Yes Gothic.
Yes Hippie.
No religion is stoopid.
No i cant be bothered with relegion.
No it just sucks.
Have you your own relegion ?
Yes something like satanic/gothic
Yes something like christian/hippie
Yes something like satanic/hippie
Yes something like gothic/hippie
Yes something like christian/hippie/gothic
Yes something like satanic/gothic/hippie
Yes but nothing like that.
No relegion still sucks.
Who will end up rulein earth and all things in existance ?
That muslim guy.
John Lennon.
A giant orange.
This poll was created on 2003-12-28 12:48:12 by roxxy