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For US Catholics

I am interested in the how Catholics feel in relation to the wider American society.
What is your religion?
Roman Catholic
Other (Please do not answer any other questions)
What is your nationality?
US Citizen
Other (Please do not answer any other questions)
As a Catholic do you feel you are different from other Americans?
Yes, a lot.
Somewhat different.
Not at all different.
As a Catholic have you experienced any negativity in the media towards your faith?
Yes, definitely.
Yes, somewhat.
Not more than other religions.
Haven't noticed any.
Does being Catholic give you a particular point of view on moral or political matters?
Very much so
Not at all
Do you believe there is some anti-Catholic bias among most non-Catholic Americans?
Yes. It's obvious.
Yes. It's subtle.
Yes. But most people aren't aware of it.
No, our faith is treated the same as others.
When you look at contemporary American culture and the media, do you think it is becoming more secular?
Yes, very much so.
Yes, somewhat.
No, not really.
If American society is becoming more secular, do you think it will become more anti-Catholic?
Yes. Visibly so.
Yes, only subtlely so.
No, I dont think it will.
If you think there is an American anti-Catholic bias, why is this? You can check more than one.
Fundamental disagreement on moral issues.
Fundamental disagreement in values.
Fundamental disagreement on meaning of life.
Fundamental disagreement on theological matters only.
Bigotry/Irrational hatred.
Others feel threatened by the Church's stands on public matters such as Pro-Life issues.
People are unaware of their anti-Catholicism
There is no such thing as anti-Catholicism
Stupid question.
Why are you Catholic? Check any that are true.
Catholicism is the real thing.
I like being Catholic.
I was just born into it--dont really believe in it.
No other religion or church looks better.
Family pressure.
I like the social atmosphere.
I feel 'at home' in the Church.
It is just a tradition.
Do the current trends in American society concern you?
Yes, we are in moral decline.
Yes, but to each their own.
No, every generation is the same.
No, I am changing with it.
Do you think most adult Catholics in America understand fully the Church's teachings on social, moral and theological matters?
Yes, most Catholic understand and can explain their faith to others.
Yes, most Catholics understand the Church's teachings, but just dont know how to explain them well.
Yes, but most Catholics just dont care.
No, American Catholics dont understand their faith very well.
On Moral Issues, does the Catholic Church have much to teach modern society or vice versa? Check all that you believe are true.
The Catholic Church has much to learn from the modern world.
Nothing is new in human nature, so the Church has seen it all before.
The modern world has much wisdom to gain from the teachings of the Church?
Science has made the Church obsolete on moral issues.
Science is amoral and cant help people with moral questions.
Who or what really governs the Church?
The Holy Spirit (God)
The pope and his officials (Man)
The Holy Spirit through the pope and his officials (God+Man)
Pure politics and greed. (Evil)
Tradition. (History)
This poll was created on 2004-01-07 01:45:23 by Jacero10