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Mel Gibson's Movie, the Passion

Based on what you have heard so far, what do you think about Mr. Gibson's new movie?
How much have you heard about Mel Gibson's new movie, the Passion?
Dont know anything about it.
Have heard it is controversial.
Have seen the trailer promoting it.
Have heard about it on the tv or radio news.
Have read at least on article about it in a newpaper or magazine.
If you have heard about the movie, was your general impression more positive or more negative?
Havent heard enough.
Very negative impression.
Somewhat negative impression.
Somewhat positive impression.
Very positive impression.
If you are familiar with the controversy, do you favor or oppose the movie's release?
Not Sure
Is the accusation of anti-semitism a good justification for blocking the movie's release?
Yes, anti-semitism is evil. Nothing that might increase it shoud be public.
No, it is a free country. Mel Gibson is just exercising his right to freedom of expression.
Not sure.
Do you think the Gospels are fundamentally Anti-Semitic?
Yes, the New Testament is Divinely Inspired and anti-semitic.
Yes, very anti-semitic
Yes, somewhat antisemitic
No, they are just the best available record of what happened to Jesus and the early church.
No, the New Testament is Divinely Inspired and not anti-semitic.
Not sure.
Does the Jewish Community in America have much to fear from anti-semitism in this country?
Yes, the Jewish Community is very vulnerable
Yes, but it is just from a few lunatics.
Not really, anti-semitism is overblown.
No, anti-semitism virtually doesnt exit in America anymore.
What is the state of Jewish-Christian Relations in America today?
Excellent. Relations are warm and friendly.
Good. Relations are tolerant.
Fair. Tensions are just beneath the surface.
Poor. Tensions are increasing.
Bad. There is real animosity between Jews and Christians.
Are relations between Christians and Jews a two-way street?
No. Christians hate Jewish people.
No. Jews hate Christianity.
Yes. Christians and Jewish people both have negative attitudes towards eachother.
Yes. Christians and Jewish people basically get along well.
Religious identity just doesnt matter any more.
Christian anti-semitism is a fact of history. Is there such a thing as Jewish anti-Christianity? or Jewish anti-Catholicism?
No. Anti-Semitism stands alone.
No. None of this really matters anymore.
Yes, the negative attitudes are mutual.
Yes, Jewish anti-Christian attitudes are very real.
How will the controversy over Mel Gibson's Passion affect Jewish Christian relations in America.
Positive. Christians will become more aware of anti-semitism in the Gospels.
Positive. It will trigger new dialogue between Christians and Jewish people.
Negative. It is just another irritant in Jewish-Christian relations.
Negative. Anti-Semitism will increase because of this movie.
Negative. Christians will resent Jewish intervention in the story of Jesus
None of this really matters. It is just a movie.
What do you think of this poll?
It is dangerous because it bring up tensions that had disappeared.
It is inappropriate because it is incorrect to talk about Jewish attitudes toward Christianity.
It is interesting because I hadn't given these questions much thought before.
It is good to talk about taboo subjects.
It doesn't really matter. This is a non-issue.
Who cares?
This poll was created on 2004-01-07 22:25:35 by Jacero10