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Car trouble (girls only)

This poll is to find out what women think about hard starting cars.
1 Do you purposely flood your car so it won't start? 2 What do you wear when driving or trying to start your car? 3 do you like to see guys having trouble starting thier car? 4 what kinds of cars do you like to see have trouble starting? 5 do you pump the gas pedal even when you don't have to? 6 do you have any friends who like cranking their car on purpose? 7 do you have to give your car gas to start it and keep it running? 8 how do you feel about this poll?
1 yes always, it turns me on!
sometimes I enjoy the sound occassionally.
no, why would I?
2 a skirt.
short shorts.
capri pants.
regular pants.
3 are you kidding I try to find it happening.
yes it is sexy.
sometimes I like to watch.
4 fords.
newer models.
older models.
5 yes.
6 yes all of my friends.
only a few do.
none of my friends do.
7 yes it is hard to start all the time and it stalls a lot.
on hot days it will not start unless I pump vigorously.
sometimes when it wants to stall and not restart
it never needs gas.
8 I want to crank my car now.
I am feeling a little aroused.
kind of sexy.
it is wierd.
I don't like it.
it does not interest me.
This poll was created on 2004-03-20 16:45:44 by mr_shady