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crime books

do you like crime books? tell me what you like, and a book will be written JUST FOR YOU!
firstly, do you like crime books?
If your last response was no: why?
too much violence
i get scared
its too much to thik about
its too unrealistiic
its boring
im into other books
i dont know
if your last reponse was yes, answer the following: which type do you like?
murder myserties
a bit of both in the same book
which do you prefer?
to work the mystery out as you go along (or try)
to just be told at the end
which do you prefer?
to know what the inspector is thinking
stay in the dark, and work it fully out yourself
which personality do you prefer for the inspector?
cynical, pessimist, and in a way, more believable
optimistic, not letting his/her job get to him/her, and sometimes cracking a joke
i dont no- i dont pay much attension to that
what length of book would appeal to you?
would you prefer:
the book built with emotion
just a good plot - skip the wiffle-waffle
would you prefer to:
know what's going on
try to work it out/ let the inspector find it out
would you prefer the ook to be:
a usual mystery
an unusual mystery
would you prefer:
a femenine detective
a masculine detective
would you prefer:
a very clever plot
a possible plot to work out
would you prefer:
gory deaths (otherwise its unlealisic)
gory deaths, but not described
gory deaths, but ot described in a gory way
not gory at all
would you prefer:
many suspects
a few, but with good motives
would you prefer:
the book set in this world
this book in a made-up place
would you prefer your inspecto to be:
older but wiser
younger but more active
would you prefer:
more action
more cleverness
a bit of both
would you prefer the book to have:
have description
be straight to the point
This poll was created on 2004-03-27 19:40:28 by Lemon Floop