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In Regards To Email Surveys....

Let's see if anyone actually likes filling out hundreds of these email surveys....
How many email surveys do you get per week, on average?
None, and loving it!
None, and feeling very unloved.
Do you enjoy filling out email surveys?
It fills the voids in my empty, meaningless life.
No! I have better things to do.
Yes, I can't stop talking about myself.
What, in your mind, makes a good email survey?
Nice, long, and juicy.
Short and sweet.
A dead email survey.
Which questions do you hate the most? Please check all that apply.
Those dumb questions that ask your vital statistics, they're always the same!
Those favorite things - black/blue, top/bottom, etc.
The sick questions
The questions that refer to the survey itself (e.g. did you enjoy this survey)
When filling out email surveys do you tend to be indecisive?
I'm not sure.
Do you vacillate when filling out email surveys?
Yep, you got me!
No, I am very firm.
Ew, that's just gross!
Does it annoy you when a survey asks the same question twice?
Did you understand that the two questions before the question before this one were asking the same thing?
Yes, and it was a very stupid joke.
No, but now that you mention it...
Huh? I'm gonna go eat a banana now.
Have you ever lied on a survey?
No, that's gotta be perjury or something, isn't it?
IF YOU ANSWERED YES TO THE PREVIOUS QUESTION - On what subject(s) did you lie?
The vital stats, like they really matter anyway.
The favorites, I like to confuse people.
The sex questions [shame be upon you!].
The questions that require you to diss a friend, like "who is the meanest", etc.
Would you make email surveys illegal if you could?
Yes, and one day I shall!
No, they are an American tradition.
--Quality Feedback-- Did you enjoy filling out this survey?
Hey, I thought I said I hated questions about the survey itself!
Well, since you ask, yes.
No, it was agony, AGONY!
Like I have anything better to do!
This poll was created on 2001-02-24 02:38:13 by MPC3978174798