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Please provide answers to the following.
Would you say your opinion of Scientology is (pick one)...
Very Favorable
Somewhat Favorable
Neutral, neither Favorable nor unfavorable
Somewhat Unfavorable
Very Unfavorable
What is the most important and useful source of unbiased infomration about scientology?
Web Pages, Web Media Streams
Usenet Newsgroups
Web Based Bulliten Boards
Television Programs
Radio Programs
Are you aware that the Church of Scientology requires members to sign a legal document granting the Church the right to hold any member for an indefinate period, in isolation, and further, the member must absolve the church of any responsibility for a member's injury or death as a result? The so called "Lisa McPherson clause" See: www.lisaclause.org for background on this question.
Yes I've heard and read about this
Yes, I've heard of it, but not read about it.
No, I've not heard about and it seems unimportant.
No, Ii've not heard about it and will read more about it.
According to official Scientology web pages, books and promotions, L. Ron Hubbard was a "war hero," when there are many facts to the contrary. Do you think it's important or unimportant that the factual record of L. Ron Hubbard's military career to be known? See: http://ronthewarhero.org for background
Important, Yes, I think Hubbard's actual military record shold be known and will read: http://ronthe
No, His military record is of no interest to me.
This poll was created on 2004-04-21 18:37:58 by The American Querent