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Dodekatheism (Greek Olympian gods worship)

Dodekatheism is a religion that people in ancient Greece believed in. It is based in Greek mythology. But last years some people in European countries (it started from Greece) want to resurrect this religion and they worship the 12 Olympian gods.
Do you know about this ancient Greek religion?
I’ve heard
Did you know about the people who want to resurrect this religion?
Do you know anyone personally who worship these religion?
Yes, a lot of them
No and I don’t want to meet
I am a dodekatheist my self!
Do you know anyone of the 12 Olympian gods/goddesses?
Only Zeus
Yes, some of them
I know all of them
No I don’t
What do you believe that is the objective of these people who want to resurrect this religion?
They want to resurrect the religion they believe
They are Satanists and they use that as camoufla
They want to make a threat to Christianity
They like very much Greek mythology
Would you ever follow them?
I am already a dodekatheist
I would like to
I don’t know, maybe
Hell no!
Do you think that this religion is a form of Paganism?
Of course it is
I don’t know enough ofthereligion so I can’t tell
No it is not!
This poll was created on 2004-06-30 19:35:22 by filosorosh