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Why do YOU hate summer?

This is poll strictly for those who, like me, HATE SUMMER!!!!!!!
Do you hate summer? (obviously if you're here...)
YES with passion!
It's terrible.
Not so bad. (LEAVE!!!!!!)
Why do you hate it so?
It's always too hot.
Too many flying bugs.
I hate passing out from the heat.
I never leave the house; its soo cold inside!
When I leave the house I may get skin cancer why risk it?
other.<please specify in message area!>
Will you leave a cool or delightful message in the message area?
Did you like my poll?
Yeah it was cool.
It was a'ight.
I thought it was gay. (if you picked this you probably are gay!)
This poll was created on 2004-07-06 21:59:52 by schmooglie