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whats your veiws on these important political issues?
War in Iraq
needed to be done now
should have waited for UN approval
better with Bush
better with Clinton
embrionic stemcell research
could lead to cures for leukemia & AIDS, Yes
sacrifice one life for another, No
social security
doesnt work anymore, scrap it
needs reforming but worth saving
Homeland security & terrorism
tighter customs, immigration and trade policies
military action
national healthcare
would make for decline in quality of healthcare
would make for adiquit healthcare for all
college education
education for all a smarter society will overcome
if we all were boss. who would empty the trash
racial profiling
save time, target crime
targets minorities
labor unions
drive up price of american made goods hurts trade
have provided better wages & benifits nation wide
middle eastern oil is worth fighting for
north american oil is worth looking for
alternative fuel should be the main focus
whats more important to you
freedom of movement & expression
social and economic security
religion & spirituality
is guided by leaders in holy shrines(church, ect.)
the relationship between man & god is personal
there is no god
This poll was created on 2004-07-19 22:42:48 by newvoter