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Is religion contradictory?

So, what's YOUR opinion?
Where did all the water come from, to flood the Earth for 40 days?
God "created" it.
It's a lie, the Earth never flooded for that long.
Hey, wasn't it 50 days?
Then, where did all the water go after that?
God made it "disappear".
It evaporated and it's still evaporated, even till now.
I'm telling you, it never flooded!
If Adam and Eve were the first humans in existence, wouldn't all their offspring acquire cumulative birth defects?
No, because God made them perfect.
No, their genes were never put together. God made the offsprings.
Yes, that's why people are defective nowadays.
Why did God 'choose' the Jews to be the chosen people, if he has no discrimination?
Discrimination is a man-made concept. God is always right.
It's because he DOES have discrimination, but religious people hide it.
Why was faith able to perform miracles so long ago, but nowadays, faith can't do squat?
Life is already miracle itself.
It still does, it's just that you don't have enough faith.
It requires that Jesus be around.
Nowadays, an average person doesn't have faith.
If God was the first being in the universe and He was omnipotent, does that mean He created Satan, suffering, and sin?
Yes, He did, but just to prove a point.
Yes, He did, but it got out of hand.
Yes, He did, and He enjoys doing it to us.
No, after He created us, WE created Satan, suffering, and sin.
No, because there is no God.
How long was a 'day' before the Sun was created?
Same as now; 23 hours, 59 minutes and 16 seconds.
As long as it took to complete one of the divine tasks.
God created none of these things.
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