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Girls Bravo - Who Would You Rather Date?

This Poll Is About Girls!Girls!Girls!....And Guys.Its Also Inspired The Hit Anime/Manga.But This Time.Its Who U Wish To Date With? Who Will Be #1?
(For Guys N Lesbians....Lol) Which Seirenese Female You Want To Date With?
Miharu Sena Kanaka
Maharu Sena Kanaka
Koyomi Hare Nanaka
Tomoka Lana Jude
Hijiri Kanaga (Lesbian)
(For Guys N Lesbians....Again) Which Female Earthling You Want To Date With?
Kirie Kojima
Lisa Fukuyama
Kosame (Lesbian)
Lilica Stacy
(For Girls N Gays....Pmpl) Which Male Earthling You Want To Date With?
Yukinari Sasaki
Kazuharu Fukuyama
Mamuru Machida
Ashuru Hare Nanaka (Koyomi's Father)
This poll was created on 2006-05-05 23:37:29 by Bogard