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Online Classes

I would like to know what students think about learning online. In comparison to the class room.
What do you think about this new learing technique?
Do you think its affective?
Do you think its for lazy people?
Do you think its a great idea?
Would you try it?
Should the same amount of credits be given?
Should all those credits be trasferable?
What do you think about the selection of classes that are available online?
Its a good selection?
They need more?
Are the classes the ones no one wants to take?
What are somethings you would change about the online program?
The way you take test?
The amount of homework given?
The amount of reading thats required?
Would you take an online class again?
Does your professor respond affectionately?
Can never get a hold of him or her?
This poll was created on 2005-04-12 02:00:26 by Poll this