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Is this enough proof for all of you who do not believe in...

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I dont care what your religon is...go to this link http://www.av1611.org/hell.html does this scare you enough? read the entire thing, and do not post your message or poll until you have completely read the whole thing

1. Does this scare you enough to make you want Jesus Christ in you so you dont end up as many of the millions who are and forever more in Hell? 2. If you dont think this is enough proof, and you still dont believe in Hell, would you like death without Christ be enough? 3. (for the Christians, do you think this is enough proof?) 4. For the non believers in Hell, Heaven, afterlife, Christianity...etc., is this enough proof?

0% (0) Yes
55% (5) No
22% (2) Lets let death decide that for us
22% (2) I dont know, and dont care
33% (3) I believe in reincarnation, and we will only be reincarnated
0% (0) All of us will go to Heaven regardless of Good or Bad deeds
11% (1) Only our baddest deeds will make us go to Hell
33% (3) I dont think there is no such place as heaven or hell, and will be put into the ground, and stay there until the end of the world
0% (0) We will continue living on as only spirits/ghosts and will begin haunting whoever and whatever we want
0% (0) whatever the world wants us to believe
0% (0) whatever science wants us to believe

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This poll was created on 2005-07-27 04:57:47 by xbplayer234
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