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What do you think of atheism?

I'm an atheist, and I've never been exactly sure what religious people think of atheism. Whenever I look for clues I get mixed results. So, what do you think of atheists? Not everything can be expressed by a poll so please leave details on your opinions concerning atheism.
Are you atheist/agnostic?
Yes. If you are, don't answer the rest.
What do you think is the biggest reason people become atheists?
They are conceited and denounce God.
They have no faith and cannot find proof.
They do not want to live by a moral standard.
They have suffered and cannot believe God would allow that.
They do not think it is logical.
They are simply misguided.
It is not listed here.
Would you be willing to openly discuss religion with an atheist?
Depends on the atheist.
I don't know.
If you answered yes, why? (Check all that apply)
I find atheism interesting.
It is important to try and guide them back to religion.
I want to make sure that my beliefs are well founded.
I just like debating.
If you answered no, why not? (Check all that apply)
It's pointless; I won't convince him and he won't convince me.
I would rather not deal with atheists at all.
Religion is about faith; its not something you debate about.
I am afraid they might say something offensive.
They would probably be better prepared. That doesn't mean they're right though.
Arguing about religion is sort of boring to be honest...
Would learning a person is an atheist affect your opinion of them?
Yes, but not negatively. I would look at them differently, though.
No. Atheists are just normal people.
Yes. If they have no God, how could they have morals?
I would feel sorry for them. Eternal damnation would really suck.
Yes, for reasons not listed.
Can atheists go to heaven?
No, not after denying God.
Yes, God loves all his creations, even if they don't believe in him.
Only really exceptional individuals could be atheists and still go to heaven.
If they act morally, just like anyone else.
Would you consider being romantically involved with an atheist?
Yes, but I would prefer a follower of God.
I don't know.
Have you ever met an atheist before?
I've known several.
I've known one or two.
I've never met an atheist before.
What do you think of atheists? (by religion)
I'm a Jew; they aren't bad people.
I'm a Jew; they are bad people.
Christian; they aren't bad people.
Christian; they are bad people.
Muslim; they aren't bad people.
Muslim; they are bad people.
Buddhist; they aren't bad people.
Buddhist; they are bad people.
Hindu; they aren't bad people.
Hindu; they are bad people.
Other; they aren't bad people.
Other; they are bad people
If a close friend/family member told you they were an atheist, how would you react? (check all that apply)
I would be furious.
I would be upset/depressed.
I wouldn't mind.
I would be glad they trusted me enough to tell me.
I would wish they hadn't told me.
I would not speak with them for a while.
I would want to discuss it with them.
I don't know.
Would you consider voting an atheist for president (assuming he/she has good credentials)?
Only if none of the other candidates were any good.
I don't know.
Do you think atheism in the world has been increasing recently?
Yes, probably because of new sciences such as evolution.
Yes, it's pretty sad...
No, atheists are just more confident about publicly expressing their views.
I think it was increasing for a while, but it's beginning to decline again.
Does it matter? Only a tiny fraction of the world is atheist anyways.
Have you ever the possibility that atheism is correct?
Yes. In the past I was an atheist.
Yes. In the past I was an agnostic.
Yes. I sometimes wonder/doubt if my religion makes sense.
The thought has occured to me, but this is the work of Satan(or some other evil force).
The thought has occured to me, but this is a test from God.
No. I never really thought about it.
No. My faith has always been firm.
No. Atheism is groundless/illogical.
This poll was created on 2005-06-22 05:12:16 by Bahleda