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Religious Opinions

This poll is to see what people think about the different stories in different manuscripts around the world.
Are you...
Do you believe in God(s)?
What is your God(s) like?
Invisible being(s) in heaven
The Spirit inside of me
Do you think the god of the old testament of the bible is...
Do you think the God of the New testament is...
Do you think Adam and Eve were...
Real individual people with those names
A Race of people which contained Adams and Evas
Were none existent
Do you think Krishna was a real person?
If you believe he was real, then do you believe that Krishna had Blue Skin?
In the Mahabharata (from which the Bhagavad gita comes from) they talk about 3 floating cities that encircled the earth, one of which was gold, one silver, one iron... do you think they were real(Book 8, Section 33?
If you think they were real do you think they were in orbit around the earth or do you think they were in the atmosphere?
In Orbit
In the Atmosphere
What do you think about the powerful weapons that are talked about in the Srimad Bhagavatam (like in Canto 1, Chapter 7 for example) which enveloped the earth in fire and the fire expands into outerspace and effects all three of the cities that encircle the earth?
They are real
They are not real
Can Angels Fly (Bible)?
What do you think about Ezekial's Wheels?
The Wheels were what the Angels used to Fly
They were UFOs that extraterrestrials flew in
Ezekial was on Mushrooms
The Piece of debris supposedly found on Mt. Ararat was...
Really from the Ark
Was a piece of plywood soaked in oil and mircowaved and was presented as found on Mt. Ararat
In a Rabbinical Book called "Toldoth Yeshu" they scorned the name Yashuw(a) (i.e. Jesus) which means "The Annointed" so was that his real name?
It was still his real name
No that wasn't his real name
According to 1 Samuel 28:13 a God lives in the earth... If there is only one God according to the bible... who is this that the bible is refering to?
It's still God
It's Satan
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Who are the Rephaim ("Dead things" in most translations who are the Offsring of the Nephilim i.e. "Fallen Angels" refer to in some spots in the bible...for example Job 26:5)?
They are offspring of the Nephilim (Giants in some translation)
They are just "Dead things" like some bibles say
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According to 1 Samuel 4:8 the Philistines were frightened by "the Gods" meaning there were more then one...and yet they refered to the Egyptian plagues of the God of the bible... so is God not the only god?
It is a bad translation because God is the Only God
God is evil and God is just some advanced being
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Do you Believe in Reincarnation?
What does the Phrase "The Sign of Jonah" mean?
To spend 3 days in a confined space on the verge of death before you come back to civilization
To spend 3 days in a confined space as a dead corpse before you are resurrected and come back to civilization
Do you think the weapons used in the Ramayana were Neclear Weapons?
Do you think the Covenant was a Super Conductor... thus causing people to die when they touched it because it would electrocute them?
Do you think the Staff and Rod of the Bible and Egypt and other cultures were really some advanced weapons?
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