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The Catholic Church

What do you think regarding some of the important issues and/or practices of The Catholic Church, priests, the Pope, Abortion, Celibacy, and more?
Have you ever been a member of the Catholic Church?
Yes I am now or I once was Catholic
No, but I have attended Catholic Mass
No, never have been Catholic
In what language do you prefer to hear Mass?
Traditional Latin
Another Language
How much time do you prefer Mass to be?
30 Minutes
50 Minutes
90 Minutes
Longer than 90 Minutes
What kind of Host do you prefer for Holy Communion (If your Church offers more than one option)?
Traditional Wafer
piece of Bread
Cookie or cracker
What kind of Sacrament do you prefer to drink (if your Church offers more than one)?
Traditional Wine
Grape or other juice
What type of clothing do you prefer for Priests?
Whatever they want to wear is OK
Traditional black and/or formal wear/suits
Casual wear, Dockers, jeans, shorts, T-shirts
What kind of outfits do you think that Nuns should wear?
Whatever they want to is OK with me
A Habit and/or black dresses/suits
Casual wear, jeans, skirts, blouses, shorts
Do you think most Priests adhere to the Vow of Celibacy?
Not Sure
Do you think that Priests should be permitted to marry and have a family?
Not Sure
Do you think the Catholic Church is doing enough to help authorities prosecute Priests who are alleged pedophiles?
Not Sure
Do you think that there are probably a lot more Pedophile Priests still actively working for the Catholic Church in Central and South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia where Child Molesting is not strictly prosecuted? Does it seem odd to you that the Catholic Church has only discovered Pedophile Priests in America, and only after numerous lawsuits were filed?
Yes, The Church is protecting Pedophile Priests in other nations
No, there were only Pedophile Priests in the USA
Not Sure
Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice on the Abortion issue?
Not Sure
Do you think the Church should collect donations during Mass?
Not Sure
Do you think Nuns should be permitted the same rights, privileges, Honors, and responsibilities as Priests?
Not Sure
Homosexual Marriage: Do you think that Gays & Lesbians should be allowed to enter the sacred vows of Holy Matrimony within Catholic Churches?
Not Sure
How often do you attend Church services (Mass)?
Once a week or more
Once a month or more
Once a year or more
In the past five years
Never or hardly ever
When was the last time you attended Confession?
Within the last twelve months
Within the last five years
More than five years ago
Never or hardly ever
Should any really old Pope, Like John Paul II, retire? Or should they continue on, looking frail and sick all the way until they finally die?
Pope should mandatorily retire at 80 years of age!
Pope should retire if he becomes senile or has a disabling illness.
Pope should serve until he dies of old age, no matter what
Do you think any of the Bishops or Cardinals associated with the Child Molesting Priest scandals knew they were endangering other children when they kept moving the Molester Priests to other churches?
The Bishops & Cardinals know they are endangering other children.
No, they believe that the Power of Jesus Christ can cure the perverted Priests.
Do you think that Catholic Priests should be dressed for Mass in a more humble manner (like a plain suit) instead of putting on all of those fancy Ceremonial outfits?
Priests' outfits should reflect Christ's Humility
Priests prefer wearing the fancy robes & hats.
What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for Priests who molested children?
Life in Prison (25 years+)
10 years in prison
Castration, Probation, & Sexual Predator Registration
Long Probation & Sexual Predator Registration
Defrock them as priests and Order Sex Predator Counseling
Do you think that Pope John Paul II went to Heaven right after he died?
Yes, he went straight up to Heaven
No, he is in Purgatory
No, he is burning in Hell right now
This poll was created on 2005-09-02 02:49:31 by Citizen X