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Meestuff gotta title

This is an introduction to say i am introducing you and i am now hoping that you have got turned on by it...
Are you reading this
I dont know
Me no no
ummm pie
Why are you asking me all these questions (sob sob)
What type of food do you like
Spam pie
Spam pie with cheese sauce
Spam Sausages
Spam Burgers
spam 'N' salad
Spammgetti Bolangaus (something like that)
Spam Lamb
Spam Poo
Spam Cream (ice cream but Spam)
Diet Spam (for the ladies)
Spam Juice
Spam Roll
Spam Soup
Spam Chuckney
Spam Pizza
Spammed milk
Spam Custard
Spam Cookie
Spammed Potato
Spam On Toest
Ram Bam Thank You Mam (SPAM!!!)
Where do you live
In a country (lol)
I dont live now
In a house (DUH!!!)
In a flatt (NO!!!)
I dont know (sob sob)
What number comes after 1
Why are you doing this poll ???
The voices in my head made me
Some twat told me to
Because I am weird
Me no no
I like pie with spam sauce
Who do you think is the cutest!!!
Sadam Husein
Osama Bin Ladin
That geek form the Halifax advert
A mutant ferbie
Freddy Cruger
Jason X
A weird little goblin which looks like a hobgoblin but it is not a hobgoblin it is a ferbie holding a gun which is in the shape of a keyboard
Which story do you prefer ???
CLOUD'S STORY: Once upon a time withing time without time it was at a cetain time was a little goblin called Sha-Mone who looked like a hobgoblin but it was really a ferbie holding a gun which was in the shape of a keyboard THE END..
Spams Story:Spam The End...
Bills Story:Ummmmmm ok once upon a time (or upoff time) there was a fish called mo-fo and he then meets up with sha-mone (from clouds story) then the police came along and said Sha-mone Mo-fo (say all together fast) The End...
Whos Jesus
The Devil
Santa In disguise
Micheal Jackson
Who Knows
Never Heard Of It
He's that killer everyone was talking about
Can Nuns Really Fly
Yes (because of they're hats)
Yes only when you kick them
No but lets throw them
No but shoot them
Me No No
How do you feal ???
I feal sad (because I am sad)
I feel anoyed (mainly because of this poll)
I wanna die!!! (because I brought a goblin and I found out it was a ferbie sob sob)
I feel happy (BECAUSE IM SAD!!!)
I feel happy (because I have just annoyed someone
I feel sad (BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!)
I wuv pies
What do you do on vallintines day ???
Eat loads of pie's (because I am a gutty git)
Write letters to myself
Hide from Micheal Jackson
Do prank cards (saying thing's like 'Ha Ha your ugly and Im not letting you have a card showing my love')
I send a card to my darling (The Devil or Death)
This poll was created on 2005-09-09 18:52:35 by cloudstrifefromffvii