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Hottest Male Actor

These are the some of the actors who I think are really hot. Who do you think is the hottest?
Which Actor do you think is the hottest?
Ioan Gruffudd(King Arthur, Fantastic 4)
Hugh Dancy(King Arthur, Ella Enchanted)
Brad Pitt
Hayden Christensen
Colin Farrell
Elijah Wood
Chris Evans(Fantastic 4-Human Torch)
Adam Garcia(Coyote Ugly)
George Clooney
Ryan Gosling
Heath Ledger
Hugh Jackman
Jake Gyllenhaal
Johnny Depp
Jude Law
Matt Damon
Orlando Bloom
Paul Walker
Jarad Padalecki(Gilmore Girls-Dean)
Ryan Phillippe
Shane West
Ian Somerhalder(TV show-Lost)
Cillian Murphy(Red Eye, Batman Begins)
Tom Welling(Smallville)
This poll was created on 2005-10-09 18:24:31 by Ashleigh2113