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Superhero Costumes

Hi, my name is Brett and I live in Texas. I like spandex superhero costumes. I like spandex...DEAL WITH IT! So I was wondering if you could be any superhero (real or made-up), who would you be. Cool!
What would your name be like (please tell name in a response)?
Something with man/woamn (Superman, Wonderwoman)
Two words (Green Lanturn)
One Word (Shazam)
Other (respond)
What kind of shirt would he/she wear?
Spandex Shirt Red
Spandex Shirt Blue
Spandex Shirt Green
Spandex Shirt Yellow
Spandex Shirt Purple
Spandex Shirt Orange
Spandex Shrit White
Spandex Shirt Black
Spandex Shirt Other (please respond)
Topless (for male heroes only please)
Other (please respond)
What kind of secondary shirt would he/she wear (optional)?
Vertical Stripes (any color)
Horizontal Stripes (any color)
Different Back Color (any color)
Different Shoulder Color (any color)
Different Armpit Color (any color)
Other (please respond)
What kind of belt would he/she wear (optional)?
Regular Belt
Elastic Belt
Metal Belt
Other (please respond)
What kind of gloves would he/she wear (optional)?
Spandex Elbow Gloves Red
Spandex Elbow Gloves Blue
Spandex Elbow Gloves Green
Spandex Elbow Gloves Yellow
Spandex Elbow Gloves Purple
Spandex Elbow Gloves Orange
Leather Gloves
Cloth Wrist Gloves
other (please respond)
Spandex Elbow Gloves Other (please respond)
Spandex Elbow Gloves White
Spandex Elbow Gloves Black
What kind of leggings would he/she wear?
Spandex Leggings Red
Spandex Leggings Blue
Spandex Leggings Green
Spandex Leggings Purple
Spandex Leggings Yellow
Spandex Leggings Orange
Spandex Leggings Black
Spandex Leggings White
Spandex Breifs
Other (please respond)
Spandex Leggings Other (please respond)
What kind of boots would he/she wear?
Spandex Boots Red
Spandex Boots Blue
Spandex Boots Green
Spandex Boots Yellow
Spandex Boots Orange
Spandex Boots Purple
Spandex Boots Black
Spandex Boots White
Spandex Boots Other (please respond)
Leather Boots
Other (please respond)
What kind of mask would he/she wear?
Full Spandex Mask (no eye-holes, any color)
Spandex Mask with Eye-holes (any color)
Spandex Mask with Eye & Nose holes (any color)
Spandex Mask with Eye, Mouth, & Nose- holes (any color)
Porceline Mask
Other (please respond)
This poll was created on 2005-10-10 20:37:54 by zebra