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Beyblade and You

Okey, so u think that u know beyblade, lets check it out then. Your life, if turned into a beybladers life ?????
How do u rate beyblade?
Too good
Good, i dont think so
Love it
Its okey......
I don't know
Which series was the best?
The first one
If u were to select a beyblade team to play with, it would be???
Bladebrakers, definately
Demolution boys, they have style
All starz
If u could switch ur life with someone of the bladebreakers, who would it be????
Kai, nobody says it but they practically adore him
Tyson, the world beyblade champion, who wouldn't want to be him
Ray, he is a chic magnet
Max, mommy's boy
Who do u think should be the world champion???
Kai, he is better in every way
Tyson, well he is
Max, he is hardworking
Ray, he is cute
Imagine if u were Kai, what would u do to Voltire?
Kill him
Drown him
Obey him, have no choice
I dunno
I don't want to be Kai
U r a famous beyblader, chics dig u, which one would u choose?
Emily, all starz
Maraih, the cat
Hilary, like ur mom
Marium, saint shields
This poll was created on 2005-12-28 10:00:49 by Areeba