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Chat, Internet and U

Nowadays everyone is chating making friend around the globe, what do u think about it?
Do u like to use internet? Or do u just do it cuz there is some project to complete?
I like it
I just do it cuz i have some imp.work to do
I....I.....I...dunno, never thought about it
Well my mother wanted to use it, so turned on the computer for her
Why do u use internet? Which is the best part?
Online games
Online polls
Searching information
Looking at people's profiles and adding them on my msn messenger
First u like to chat, eh? Why?
I have fun
Me like it
Total time pass
Get e-mail add of chics
I dont like to chat
When someone asks for ur asl, what do u say?
I give him it
I dont reply and delete him
I never thought about it
I hate the people who ask this question
Do u like to like to talk to people of ur own gender or the opposite one?
I talk to anyone online
I talk only to gals
I talk only to boys
Both r fine
Why do u chat? Does anyone in ur house know about it?
No, they dont, and well i like to
Yes, thats why i dont
I never told them, and i talk because i dont like anyone at my home
Stop it, i dont want to answer anymore questions
This poll was created on 2006-01-12 09:22:35 by Areeba