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(guys only) flip flops

Hi guys, this is a poll about flip flops
Are you:
A boy
A girl
How old are you
Too embarrasing to tell
Do you wear flip flops?
If yes, do you...
Love it!!
Hate it!!
Why do you wear them?
Because I want to.
Because my parents forced me to.
Because I don't have money to buy better shoes.
Because I want to be barefoot, but I'm not allowed.
When you wear them, you...
Obses with your toes. Think it's sexy.
Hide to avoid being watched with sandals.
Feel embarrased.
When you see a guy wearing flip flops, you...
Try to look his toes and get turned on.
Laugh at him.
Don't do nothing.
In a friends house... do you wear flip flops?
If so, your friend...
Is also wearing flip flops.
Is barefoot.
Takes off his shoes and socks and puts on his sandals.
Takes off his shoes and socks and stays barefoot.
Does your friend...
Ask you to take your flips off.
Tell you that your feet stinks.
Tells you your feet is sexy and wanna suck them.
Do nothing.
When you see a guy wearing flip flops, and he comes to talk to you, your reaction is.
Normal. I talk to him.
Feel embarrased to talk with him.
Run away to avoid him.
To tell him his feet stinks.
Talk to him, but not being nice.
You think girls...
Feel atracted to guys using sandals.
Feel disguted to having to see guys feet.
Don't react at all.
You wear flip flops to...
Around your house.
Never. I'm always barefoot.
You wear your sandals...
With socks.
If your friend tells you he wants to tickle and/or suck your feet, because he got turned on with your flip flops you..
Tell him NO!!
Tell him tickling yes, but no sucking.
Let him tickle and suck your feet.
If yor friend is tickling your feet...
You tickle and/or suck his feet to.
Enjoy the moment for yourself and do nothing to him.
If you are wearing shoes and socks because your parents don't want you to wear sandals at all
Resign to it.
Take your flip flops in your bag and remove your shoes and socks in a bathroom and put on your flips so no one sees you.
Escape home.
do you think that wearing flip flops is...
For gays.
A coward way of being barefoot.
For poor people.
About you and your flips,
Think that your feet are sexy with them.
Think that your feet are sexy, but look better with trainers.
Feel embarrasedof yor feet.
Want to use flips in public, but your parents don't aloow you.
Finally, do you get turned on if you see a guy with big feet wearing a flip flop?
Maybe, depends on how big his feet is.
Maybe, depends on how how big is his toe.
That's gayish.
This poll was created on 2006-03-08 22:12:01 by flipflop guy