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The 'Ugly' Quiz

So, I decided to do this quiz to help people with self-esteem problems... but to warn you: the results are completely accurate (usually)! I hope you have fun! (and if you get the igly result, don't let it ruin your self esteem!)
What shape is your face?
A. Oval
F. Square
Are your eyes...
A.Big, but not abnormal
B.A bit bigger than average
C. A little smaller than average
D. exactly average
E. Small and thin
F. Small
Is your nose...
A. Normal size, not shaped like a hook, almost symmetrical on each side.
B. Normal size or a bit bigger or smaller, pretty much the same on both sides.
C.A bit bigger than average, and not really symmetrical on each side.
D. Average, Not to symmetrical, Not perfectly straight
E. Big, pr really small, hooked, pointed, and/or unsymmetrical
F. Big, but not to unusal. Not too symmetrical
Are your lips...
A. Plump and lusicious, not to pointed, not to fat
B. About Average, but still a little lusicious
C.Either a little thinner than normal or a little fatter than normal, but still OK looking
D. Just average
E. Really thin or REALLY Plump
F. A bit thin or quite a bit plumper than normal, not asymmetrical at all
Your hair...
A. Straight, Full or normal, soft, natural chesnut, pure brunette and sort of long or shoulder length(not very dark) , strawberry blonde and shoulder length, Golden blonde with natural dark highlights and normmal length, pure black and long
B. Full or Average, Straight or wavy, Dark Blonde, Normal Blonde, Brunette
C. Dark brown, A bit reddish,kinda thin or normal, wavy, a little tiny bit curly, pure gold blonde, maybe some OK looking cut straight bangs, Black, kinda long, or a bit shorter than shoulder length, brunette short
D. Average length, Wavy, Thin, Average Fullness, Black, Light Blonde, Dark blonde, A bit oily or damaged
E.Curly, Red, really long, really short, black, brunette, really wavy, or really damaged and oily and sometimes maybe a bit smelly
What is your body type?
A. Tall and Thin
B. Normal and Thin
C.Maybe a bit short and normal
D. Average
E. Fat and really tall or really short
F. Kinda overweight a bit and really short or really, really tall
CONGRADULATIONS! here are your results: COUNT YOUR ANSWERS! Mostly A's Beautiful Mostly B's Pretty Mostly C's OK Mostly D's Average Mostly E's Hidious Mostly F's Ugly I'm sure yo all did great! I hope this raised your self-esteem! Please rate this quiz:
A. Awesome!
B. Pretty fun
C. Good
D. OK...
E. Kinda boring or bad
F. I hated it!
G. It sucked eggs!
H. It was absoluetly horrid!!!!!!!!!!!!
This poll was created on 2007-10-16 02:46:06 by orangelime