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Handwritting Fonts

Having your handwritting made into a font
Do you think having your handwritting made into a font is a good idea?
Yes, it's a great idea
No, bad idea
Do you think your letters/e-mail would look more personnel if they were written using your own handwritting font?
yes, it would give it that extra personnel touch
no, I prefer to write in crayon
Would you prefer to receive e-mails written in the authors own handwritting?
yes, it looks far better
yes, it improves it a bit
no, I love Times New Roman more
Which is your favouret font?
Comic Sans
Times new roman
Your own handwritting
Do you think e-mailig friends and family is improtant?
Yes, its very important
yes, beats talking to them on the phone
No, I try to avoid them
What's an e-mail?
This poll was created on 2006-04-14 12:40:28 by The Scriptalizer