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MALES mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling poll for males
Your body-build is...
average heavy
a bit heavy
Have you ever been in a mixed wrestling match with a bigger girl (than you)
Yes and i won easily
Yes and i won, but with a struggle
Yes and she won easily
Yes and she won, but with a struggle
After the match you thought that:
She would win easily
She would win, but with a struggle
I would win easily
I would win, but with a struggle
It would be draw
Select from te following:
I'm winning all matches
I'm winning some matches
I'm losing all matches
If Pam Anderson has you in a tight headscrissors, what would happen?
I'll break her lock easily
After a long time a would escape with a red head
I'll be submit. Her legs are too strong.
I'll be submit after seconds
... is the strongest sex
This poll was created on 2007-05-15 11:34:39 by MALES MIXED WRESTLING