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Heaven. Various questions on the subject.

What are your opinions about heaven? Is it real? Is it perfect? Does God live there? Answer carefully.
Is Heaven a real place?
Yes, it is a real physical place.
Yes, it is a real place, but not a physical place.
No, It does not exist.
Where is heaven?
Heaven is in the air.
Heaven is on the earth.
Heaven is in space.
Heaven is in another dimension.
Heaven is beyond the universe.
Heaven only exists in my head after death.
I don't know, but someplace physical.
I don't know period.
Heaven is no where.
Does God, Jesus, and angels live in Heaven?
Yes all of them.
None of them.
Only God.
Only Jesus.
Only God and Jesus.
Only Angels.
Is Heaven perfect?
Yes, Heven is perfect.
No, it is not perfect, there are defects.
I don't know.
Who goes to Heaven?
No one.
Only saved people.
People who work towards heaven (self saved).
I don't know.
Do you think you will go to Heaven?
Maybe, I am unsure.
I will take my chances, and risk myself.
I will take my chances, but somehow not risk myself.
Do you think you will worship God forever in Heaven if you went there?
Yes, I will worship God for eternity.
No, I will not.
I don't think so because that would be boring.
I have no idea.
Do you think you will see your relatives in Heaven?
Yes, all of them.
Yes, only saved relatives.
Yes, only people I like and love.
No, none of them because they are all going to hell.
No, I hate my relatives and that would not be heaven to see them there.
No, I just don't think so.
I have no idea.
How do you think you will enter Heaven, if you do go there.
Through my mind and not physically.
Slowly and physically.
Instantly and physically.
Through a long tunnel with a light at the end.
I will flote there.
I will see my body as I decend to Heaven.
You have to wait in a line first.
You have to answer questions first from someone in Heaven.
I don't know.
How do you get to Heaven?
Through works of myself, I can only work toward heaven.
Through Jesus Christ, He is the only way.
Through Jesus Christ and repentance of sin, that is the only way.
I have to take my chances and hope I will go to Heaven, like spinning a wheel and hoping I land on the jackpot.
Not sin as much.
I have to be perfect.
I just have to be nice.
If I go to church every sunday.
If I pray alot.
If I kill a few bad people to even the odds.
There is no way to Heaven.
Earth is Heaven so I'm already here.
I don't know.
This poll was created on 2007-11-04 08:47:41 by Biblejunky2