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Lower Back Tattoos on Men

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The last time I tried this people overloaded and unbalanced the numbers on purpose. Also, comments weren't being written by people who like tattoos, and as I said before DO NOT vote if you dislike tattoos nor COMMENT on them. I know what your opinion will be so consider it unsolicited and unwanted. Very well, onto the topic. Women have gotten lower back tatoos for years and now seem to be monopolozing them as their own. As a Bisexual male recently come out of the closet I am curious as to what people will think about it when I get my own. Keep in mind that I am not getting some flowery bouquet, I am getting a large Tree of Life tattoo with a celtic band circling it. For purposes of contrast keep that in mind and google a Tree of Life picture when you are answering the questions about the male. Conversely, when aswering the female questions you MAY keep in mind a butterfly tattoo or flowery pattern tattoo. One vote to a person and NO MORE. DO NOT VOTE if you dislike tattoos, nor should you leave comments. Answer all the questions or none, an imbalanced poll is awkward to comprehend.

Do you like tattoos?

97% (1117) Yes
2% (33) No. (You are done here, do not add anymore comments or votes)

1150 voters have answered this question.

If you saw a woman with a lower back tattoo what would you think?

15% (178) Cool
33% (383) She looks hot, I love those tattoos there!
50% (582) Depends on the Tattoo and the woman

1143 voters have answered this question.

What would your immediate thought be as to the woman's sexuality?

82% (933) Straight
16% (183) Bisexual
0% (9) Lesbian

1125 voters have answered this question.

Why do you think she got it?(This is multiple answer possible so mark all that apply)

42% (478) Fashion
53% (603) Personally loved the look
63% (713) To be add to her sexual appeal
8% (91) Just marking her body because she had some spare skin and extra time

1126 voters have answered this question.

Now if you saw a man with a lower back tattoo of the kind described before, would you think it was...

32% (368) Cool
27% (318) Odd
39% (454) Hot and different, I don't see that all the time but I like it!

1140 voters have answered this question.

What would your immediate response to the man's sexuality be? WOuld you think they were...

40% (449) Straight
27% (306) Bisexual
32% (364) Gay

1119 voters have answered this question.

Why would you think he got the tattoo?( Once again this is multiple response possible so mark all that apply.)

31% (355) Fashion
54% (610) To add to his sexual appeal
61% (684) Personally loved the look
11% (131) Just marking his body cause he had spare money, available skin and lots of extra

1121 voters have answered this question.

Should I get the aforementioned tattoo?

28% (318) Yes, it would be non-comformist, exciting and hot!
5% (64) No, it's been overdone and has little appeal anymore whether male or female.
27% (304) Yes, because it's an expression of yourself.
1% (18) No, it's not going to be all that visible anyway so put it someplace else.
24% (273) Yes, if it's what you want to get done, do it. Your skin, your life! Wave the fr
11% (130) No, it would look gay.(Once again, this isn't for the haters. This is a question for the tatoo lovers and their honest opinions)

1107 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2006-04-28 18:09:09 by Magus
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