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Online Harrassment

This is a survey to find out how many people have been a victim of online harrassment.
How old are you?
under 13
over 55
How long have you been using the internet?
under 6 months
6 months-1 year
2-3 years
3-4 years
over 4 years
Do you use any free email services, such as Yahoo!, Excite, Hotmail or Hotbot?
Do you have Anti-Virus Software?
Have you ever been the victim of hacking (Hacking being defined as someone cracking into your computer and stealing passwords and breaking/messing up your computer?)
Yes--I have had reports of hacking attempts but no actual break-ins.
Yes-I have had someone break into my computer and do reversible damage.
Yes-I have had someone break into my computer and do irreversible damage
Have you ever been the victim of internet stalking?
Someone sending continous emails.
The harrasser calling you on the phone.
Someone sending continous obscene emails.
Everywhere you go online, it seems like the same person is there to harrass you.
Have you ever had this happen:
Someone going to messageboards you frequent and spreading rumors around about yo
Someone going to a messageboard and bringing a group with them and doing that?
Someone constantly pming you, threatening you and harrassing you in chat?
Someone spreading out your phone number and address in chat?
Do you consider companies who keep sending you emails that are unsolicited and won't stop a form of harrassment?
Do you think anti-harrassment online sites and companies need to take reports of harrassment more seriously?
No Opinion
What do you think should be done to someone who is caught hacking/harrassing others?
Nothing, most reports of this happening are crap, anyway.
I think they should be given a warning.
I think their internet access should be taken away for 3 months.
I think they shouldn't be able to have access anymore period.
Internet access taken away and they should be required to reimburse for damages.
They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
This poll was created on 2000-01-20 20:22:01 by MPC430415750