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Is Divorce an Unforgivable Sin?

I have heard some people say divorce is an unforgivable sin. Answer my question.
Is divorce a sin?
Yes. Divorce is always a sin.
Divorce is sometimes a sin.
Divorce is never a sin.
Don't know.
When is divorce a sin?
Divorce is always a sin.
When it doesn't have to do with adultery.
Never a sin.
Don't know.
If you answered the first choice on the first question, is divorce the unforgivable sin?
Yes. All divorcees will burn in hell forever.
No. It is a mortal sin that must be confessed.
No. It is just a normal sin.
If you answered Yes for the last question, what is their punishment?
Divorcees will burn in eternal hellfire.
Divorcees are disconnected from God.
Divorcees will be Satan's slave.
Is divorce the worst sin?
Yes. Divorcees will be cast into the inferno.
No. It is serious but not the worst.
No. It is just a sin.
No. It is not a sin.
What percentage of divorcees will go to hell?
0%-Not a sin.
100%-Unforgivable sin.
Can Divorcees Get into Heaven?
No. All divorcees are damned to Hell.
Where will divorcees go?
Is there a chance for divorcees to go to heaven.
No. Divorcees are hellbound.
Not likely.
What should we do with divorcees?
Divorcees should be excommunicated.
Divorcees should be damned to Satan's realm.
Isn't breaking a sacred vow or covenant such as marriage a sin and blasphemy against God and the Holy Spirit which is the unforgivable sin?
Definitely. Divorce is unforgivable.
Absolutely not.
What does God think of divorcees?
He hates them and will not forgive them. Divorcees shall burn in Hell.
He loves them but will not forgive them.
He hates them but will forgive them.
He loves them but will forgive them. Divorcees will go to heaven.
Are divorcees whores?
Don't Know.
One last question. Are divorcees traitors to their families?
This poll was created on 2006-05-11 14:34:32 by docp12