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The DC Direct Action Figure Bases/Accessories Poll

This is a poll to gather information on the possibility of bases and accessories for DC Direct's line of 6" action figures.

Please vote only once. Results will be shared with DC Direct. Thanks for voting!

Would you buy a set of several bases or a set with one large base (same amount of plastic)?
Several bases
One large base
Would you like the bases to have removable pegs (for the figures to stand) or permanent pegs?
Removable pegs
Permanent pegs
Would you prefer plain, undecorated bases or "environmental" bases (sidewalks, caves, "tech", nature, etc.)?
Would you prefer generic "environmental" bases or DCU themed bases (Superman universe, Batman universe, etc.)
Which of the following "pack-ins" would you buy with a set of bases or one large base?
High-quality 2-dimensional cardboard backdrop
Several small appropriate accessories (weapons, devices, etc.)
One full 6" scale exclusive action figure
One or two slightly or non-articulated "buddy" figures (Super-pets, etc.)
One large "artifact" accessory (trophy case, etc.)
Figuring for a set of bases, or one large base, and with at least one of the "pack-in" choices, above, what would you expect to pay for it?
Less than $10
$30 or more
Would you buy a DC Direct themed diorama set, ala the "Buffy" library, for $60-$80?
This poll was created on 2006-08-18 15:23:00 by Jim Beard