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DC Direct Unofficial Action Figure Buyer Poll

Hello, I'd thought I'd try a little unofficial customer poll for all DC Direct buyers to participate in. I plan on sending the results to DC Direct. Enjoy!
Do you read DC Comics currently?
What is your favorite comics age?
Golden Age 1935-1955
Silver Age 1956-1970
Bronze Age 1971-1985
Modern Age 1986-2005
Neo-Modern Age 2006-Present
DC Direct has decided to tie its action figure waves more and more to the current top 15 comics titles. What do you think about that?
I love it! Welcome to the 21st Century, baby!
I like it okay. I buy newer characters mostly.
I'm indifferent. I buy what I like.
I'm not thrilled. I wish we had more classic figures
I hate it! I only buy classic characters.
Some lines seem to stop before they are complete. It may be due to low sales, but lets assume DCD stopped them for other reasons. What recent lines that seem to be "resting" for the time being would you like to see continued for at least one more wave? Please only select those that you would actually buy one or more figures from.
Super Friends
Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes
Silver Age Batman
JLA (Morrison or Kelly eras)
Modern Age Teen Titans
Rogues Gallery Secret Files
Unmasked Secret Files
Identity Crisis
JLA Classified (Formerly Known As)
Silver Age Superman
Which upcoming waves are you going to buy something from?
Elseworlds Series 2
Infinite Crisis Series 1
Justice Series 4
Dark Victory Series 1
Reactivated Series 1
Crisis On Infinite Earths Series 3
JSA Series 1
Superman/Batman Series 3
Justice Series 5
Elseworlds Series 3
Batman Through the Ages
Superman/Batman Series 4
First Appearance Series 4
Infinite Crisis Series 2
What upcoming confirmed or rumored waves are you excited about?
All-Star Batman & Robin Series 1
52 Series 1
JSA Series 2/Justice Society of America Series 1
Crisis On Infinite Earths Series 4
Justice Series 6
All-Star Superman Series 1
Justice League of America Series 1 (Ed Benes art)
The fans often propose new waves or concepts that DC Direct has not tried yet. Here are some of the most popular new concepts. Which of these lines would you support?
DC Classics(Characters from history of the DCU)
Batman Classics(Neal Adams 70's Era)
Wonder Woman Classics(60's and 70's Era)
Wonder Woman (From the current comic)
Most Wanted (Characters selected from fan polls)
Judas Contract (Tied into the DVD release)
Secret Identities(Super-Heroes as civilians)
Superman/Doomsday (Tied into the DVD release)
Accessory Packs
Build A Figures (Just like Marvel Legends)
TV Super-Heroes(Lynda Carter, Adam West, John Wesley Shipp, etc.)
This poll was created on 2006-08-14 03:08:39 by greatplaidmoose