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Does God have a gender?

In the Holy Bible, God is always referred to in the masculine singular, with a capital letter - He. In the religion Islam, there is no feminine for Allah, their word for God. Does this mean that God is male? Or is it male-dominated human society which has created this datum? Would God be angry to be called "She"? Give your opinions here.
1. Do you believe in God?
Yes, an actual personal God
Yes, but only an impersonal God (life force)
I believe in multiple Gods (go to question 4)
I doubt the existence of God (pls go to the end and click on "done voting")
I don't believe in God at all (ditto)
2. What gender is the God in whom you believe?
God is wholly male
God is more male than female
God is half male, half female
God is more female than male
God is wholly female
God is wholly both male and female
God is neither male nor female
Other answer (pls post on messageboard)
3. Is it wrong to speak of God as She?
Yes, it's totally wrong. God is male, and would be furiously angry
Yes, it's wrong. God is quite simply male
It's somewhat wrong, because it sounds wrong
It's not wrong to describe God as <i>She</i>, but it sounds strange
It's OK to describe God as <i>She</i>, I guess
It's perfectly acceptable to address God in the feminine form
On the contrary, it's 100% correct. When God created men, She was only joking!
4. If you believe in multiple Gods, what gender are those Gods?
All male
Mostly male
Split 50/50
Mostly female
All female
All both male and female
All neither male nor female
5. Is it OK for Christians to address or refer to God in the feminine form?
Strongly yes
Somewhat yes
I'm not sure
Somewhat no
Strongly no
I'm not a Christian so I can't comment
No opinion
This poll was created on 2006-09-15 17:02:03 by Predator