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Ansiton vs Jolie

If you love cleb news and gossip then this is the poll ofr you the aniston vs jolie catfight thing is what loads of people are talking about so tell me what you think by taking part in this poll.
Who do you prefer
Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Ansiston
Why do you think jen and brad broke up
Jen didn't want kids
They didn't want to be together anyomore
He fell in love with Angelina and left Jen
She didn't want to be with him anymore
Who do you think ended the relation ship
Both of them
I don't know
Did you want them to brake up
No they were so perfect for eachother
Yes they weren't really that good together anyway
I don't really care
If you were Brad would you of broke up with Jennifer for Angelina Jolie
Yes she is so much hottter
No I don't see the fuss about her
I wouldn't know what to do their both attractive
There both ugly I would choose neither
Do you think that Brad and Angelina will last
No they will break up soon
Yes there meant to be
Wh odo you think is better for Brad
Jennifer recently dated Vince Vaughn what is your opinion about that
There perfect for eachother
It doesn't really bother me i don't know him
No way her what her and Brad had was way better
Do you want brad and jennifer to get back together
BOYS ONLY who would you date
Since Brad and Jen broke up she hasn't really had a serious relationship do you think she is still in love with him
Yes she so wants him back
i think she does a bit but she's trying to move on
She doesn't care about him
She hates brad
Is brad still in love with Jennifer
Yes he so loves her but he pretends to be happy with angelina
No he is so over her
This poll was created on 2007-12-03 17:30:14 by xxNataliexx