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Myspace? Do you?

Do you find your free time always of being on Myspace.com? Myspace, Myspace, Myspace; thats all you hear. Well take this poll to see if you are addicted! If not see what everyone else thinks.
Do you have a Myspace.com account?
If no, see question 3. If yes, How often to you log in?
1-3 times a day
4-6 times a day
6+ times a day
1-3 times a week
4-6 times a week
1-10 times a month
10-20 times a month
Hardly ever
Why don't you have a Myspace.com account? Please answer question 4. Then your done. Thank you for your time!
I only blog
I think it's a worthless fad
I found better sites to find friends
There is too many preditors on myspace
Where did you hear about Myspace.com?
What time of day do you get on Myspace.com?
12:00am- 3:00am
3:01am- 6:00am
6:01am- 9:00am
9:01am- 11:00am
11:01am- 2:00pm
2:01pm- 5:00pm
5:01pm- 8:00pm
8:01pm- 9:59pm
10:00pm- 11:59pm
This poll was created on 2006-12-18 16:37:01 by never0regret7