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Why Collect Logs?

This poll asks the audience about the main driving reason for their log collection efforts.
Assuming that you centrally COLLECT system, network or security logs from their originating sources, what is THE MAIN reason for doing it?
It's a good security practice
It's a good system/network management practice
We need logs for possible investigations ("forensics")
We analyze/correlate logs to detect attacks
We need logs to troubleshoot system/network failures, errors and other availability issues
We need logs to analyze access trends (e.g. web traffic)
Regulatory reasons(PCI DSS)
Regulatory reasons(SOX)
Regulatory reasons(HIPAA)
Regulatory reasons(FISMA)
Regulatory reasons(other mandatory)
Regulatory reasons: non-mandatory (ISO, ITIL, COBIT, ISF, etc)
Other - please comment
This poll was created on 2007-10-29 18:48:55 by Anton_Chuvakin