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Metallica vs. Linkin Park

Since the Iron Maiden vs. Linkin Park had an unrealistic outcome(Iron Maiden owns Linkin Park idiots!) I've decided to use another band that should be more obvious. If the outcome doesn't show that the majority of voters likes Metallica more I'm going to be pissed!
First a question to see how smart the people who vote are. Who has been around longer Metallica or Linkin Park?
Linkin Park
Who has a better vocalist?
Metallica(James Hetfield)
Linkin Park(Chester Bennington)
Who is the better lead guitarist?
Kirk Hammet(Metallica)
Brad Delson(Linkin Park)
Who plays more insane solos?
Kirk Hammet(Metallica)
Brad Delson(Linkin Park)
Who is the better drummer?
Lars Ulrich(Metallica)
Rob Bourdon(Linkin Park)
What album was better?
Master of Puppets(Metallica)
Minutes to Midnight(Linkin Park)
Who is better overall?
Metallica (obviously!)
Linkin Park
This poll was created on 2007-10-17 00:53:36 by Wilytank