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Is it cool to be lesbian

Over the last few years, I have the impression that lesbianism is more and more a topic for public attention and that there are more and more women identifying themselves as lesbians than before. On the other hand I often hear comments that someone is only lesbian because it's cool and fashionable. I wonder, am I only more aware of lesbians around me as I become older (I am 22 now and was almost my entire life been aware that I'm into women, but when I was younger there were only very few other among my friends, whilst most of my friends are). Or is it perhaps that women and girls have more liberty now to be what they are or is it in fact only a hype?
Are you
woman, lesbian
woman, bi - but more into women
woman, bi
woman, bi - but more into men
woman, straight
woman, uncertain/don't answer
man, gay
man, bi - but more into men
man, bi
man, bi - but more into women
man, straight
man, uncertain/don't answer
I'd rather not tell
Your age
< 15
15, 16
15, 17
18, 19
20 - 23
24 - 28
29 - 35
36 - 45
45 - 60
> 60
What do you think? Is the number of girls/women who say they are lesbians currently higher than let's say 5 or 10 years ago?
Yes, a lot
Yes, a little
More or less the same
No, I'd think they are slightly less
No, I'd think they are much less
I don't know
If you think, the number of lesbians is increasing, why do you think it's so? Tick all that applies
It is now easier to come out, because it's socially more accepted.
It is the media, that is making it popular
Women have realized that they don't need a man to have a family
It has biological reasons (e.g. pollution, genetics...)
Women are telling they are lesbians because it makes them interesting to men
Actually most or all women are lesbians, but now more and more realize it
This poll was created on 2007-10-07 17:04:29 by LauraKlitz