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General questions about circumcision.
Are you circumcised?
For what reason were you circumcised?
I'm not circumcised
Religious reasons
It was popular at the time
My Dad was circumcised, so his son was gonna be circumcised too!
Just 'cus (reason I haven't stated)
Which would you rather be?
I'm circumcised and glad I am!
I'm circumcised, but I wish I was uncircumcised.
I'm uncircumcised and like it the way it is!
I'm uncircumcised, but I'd rather be circumcised.
How do you feel about circumcision? Please disregard any religions that require circumcision, there were too many answers I could think of that had to do with factoring in religion, I'm too lazy to list out all the possibilities.
Parents have the right to do it if they want.
Everyone should get circumcised, no matter the age.
Circumcision during infancy is wrong. People can be circumcised if they want, but they should be able to choose it for themselves, not have someone else decide when you can't defend yourself.
People shouldn't get circumcised.
This poll was created on 2008-01-04 05:15:49 by Teiji666